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 - Date 05/04/2023
How to Repair iOS system issues

After that, you can recover data after an iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo issue. The steps are described in detail below.

  • After scanning, you can quickly find corrupt data by file type.
  • The black screen may also result from the glitches in the startup process of your Mac.
  • In case the problem persists, try Stellar Toolkit for iPhone to fix the iOS issue.
  • This lifespan corresponds to the number of write/erase cycles SSDs can accept before data corruption becomes unavoidable.
  • Basically, A firmware is an IPSW file package that stores everything needed to run the core operating system, which is iOS for iPhone or iPad users.
  • After fixing the issue, download stock firmware remember to put the card back.

Founded in 2019, Passvers focuses on providing high-quality password unlocking and system repairing products and services. As a customer-oriented company, by far, we have solved tech problems for 5.9 million users worldwide. Open Finder on Mac or the latest version of iTunes on Windows.

  • Then, iTunes will automatically start and iPhone can be kept in recovery mode.
  • But, first, you need to boot your Mac into disk utility and follow the instructions to fix it.
  • Just follow the steps below, and you can repair your firmware with iTunes.

DFU mode will restore your iPhone no matter what type of issue it may be having, including firmware issues. I left this process for last because doing it this way will wipe ALL the data from your phone. So, if this is your choice as a last resort, make sure that you back up your phone before beginning. Sometimes an antivirus program works so well that it ends up blocking the installation of firmware because it may perceive it as unsafe.

firmware is corrupted iphone

Launch the app, and connect your device to your Mac or PC. With iMazing, you can reinstall iOS on an iPhone or iPad that’s not working while trying to preserve its data. Type your email address to get a reminder and download link right to your inbox. Select your device in the sidebar, then click Reinstall iOS.